Taking the imagery from The X Housewife Portraits, Burlei label creates, with unique and curated sounds, a scored experimentation that results in a musical adaptation of the visual. Interpreting image through sound, musicians compose in their own words, the feeling behind the visual works of artist Kit Kite -- creating a Burlei soundtrack that unifies both the audio and visual arts.


Compassing a series of self-portraits, installation work, video, and performance art, the complete conceptual work of The X Housewife Portraits is a series that documents the artist’s personal process of isolation, displacement within the house and identity within the home. The concept further explores an individual’s objectivity to relationship, materiality, and the human longing to connect to a physical landscape. 

In the X Installs (a series of ten black and white portraits that document the suited installs created by Kit Kite) the artist becomes immersed in inanimate household objects, where the common domestic tool is depicted as the setting subject within the self-portrait as Kite remains "the backdrop" in the self-portrait series.

Backed and Racked

Forked Over Consumption

Levitating Rooms of Vacuum

Hand Held Creased Electric Irony 

Closet Dialog

Mopping Fiber of the Weeping Sweep


Burlei is a specialized musical project based company comprised of curators, creators, and designers. With The X Sounds project, Burlei went into the studio to create field recordings of the sounds from the household items used in Kit Kite's portraits. The sounds were then documented and sent to handpicked Artists to create original songs, inspired by the specific portrait selected. Below are the artists who have contributed to this project.