The Wheelhouse | 001

Your face like a graveyard hollow and implicit in the conjuring of so many memories

that summer we discovered the importance of subtlety and shades of gray
carefully choosing the ways in which we would
learn to discern our positions
laying out invisible road maps
without compass or legend
just the will to become whatever it is we were meant to become

that summer we were divining rods
extending toward the new dawn’s horizon

that summer we were stanchions
bending to the tune of a thousand pulsing soundwaves in
smoky apartments deep in the heat of a lynchpin August
a vortex of passions crossfaded and transformed
tables turning and ready for battle

a hundred years of solitude baked into perfect oblivion
teaching us the lessons behind the elasticity of space/time
everything expanding Mandelbrotan fractal
and blackhole contracting wicked and flayed 

that summer spent sweltering in sweet little high desert sweatboxes
finding that forever may not look like we thought

that summer with our unwritten histories skeining out in front of us
our intentions intertwined and tangled like so many cat’s cradles

 that summer we promised ourselves the world and still meant it

that summer we still believed that we deserved it

that summer we had no idea how to get it

that summer was so                                 fucking

- by Ian R. Dougherty

We are honored and pleased to welcome world-class poet/performer/human, Ian Dougherty to the Burlei Us family. Look forward to exclusive monthly pieces from this fine gent.
Based in Denver, Colorado, Ian D loves his wife, their cat, and long drives through Midwestern nights. He is a co-founder of the Mercury Cafe Poetry Slam. He has been a member or coach of 10 national slam teams. He's probably older than you think he is. Mostly, he's a big fuzzy teddy bear...mostly.