Exclusive Valentine's mix by L.A.'s #1 heartbreaker, Turnbull Green. Can you feel the love?


1. Since it is valentines day, what is the perfect valentines day from start to finish for you?
Lots of love making, hand holding, nature, beautiful music, delicious food, and the women I adore the most. (In no particular order.)

2. What is the worst thing that happened to you on valentines day?
I guess maybe making an effort to be romantic and not being acknowledged for it. 

3. Who would be your ideal Valentines date, dead or alive?
The woman who adores me the most. 

4. What does the word love mean to you?
It means a lot of things outside of being romantic. I guess true love is boundless to me. Nothing will get in the way of it. It makes you want to be and become a better person without having to think about it. It’s challenging, not a chore. I truly understand the feeling of offering ones own life in order to safe another because of love too. Although, I am now trying to wrap my heart around the crashing airplane theory. ("Put the mask on yourself before anyone else.”) I still think that is a bit of sham though. I could never imagine watching someone I love having problems put one of those things on. Learning to let go and allow people to make there own decisions is a pretty deep example of love too. 

5. What is the most romantic record you own?
No one in particular. Certain songs just resonate a deeper feeling in my heart than others. They pluck a certain string. If they make me cry that is usually a good start. Ha, I’m not into a traditional “Al Green” kinda love song, that’s for sure.