Found Music // The Caretaker - Libet's Delay

The Caretaker - Libet’s delay

From An empty bliss beyond this World, 2011. Shout-out to Coin Locker Kid.

Holy cow, this album is beautiful. The concept, apparently dually inspired by famous boring movie The Shining and memory functions of the elderly, is very simple: odd selections from old 78-RPM records, layered and manipulated to highlight surface noise and other incidental imperfections, among other things. Pitch shifting, delay, a ton of reverb, etc. The result is uncannily like wandering through a ballroom full of ghosts; remembering events at which you were not present.

The whole affair is so monolithic in sound, and so well-chosen and sequenced on top of that, that it’s hard to highlight a single moment—if I could, I’d post all 30-odd minutes—but “Libet’s delay” is my favorite track by a couple inches. There’s something about those opening piano chords stretching out into space, and the suddenly lonely trumpet slurring its way through some half-forgotten melody…it all makes me think of the dreams I used to have as a child, of sitting in the back of a darkened movie theater, the seats flowing down and away from me like stalks of corn out past the vanishing point, the useless screen beyond my field of vision. I don’t remember if there was an exit. It doesn’t matter. In these dreams I was the only living being, stuck in this room, waiting silently for the start of some unknown show I wouldn’t be able to see anyway. An early brush with existential terror. Thanks for the reminder, Caretaker.

by Mark Sanders of Found Music