Where is your location?
Brooklyn, NY via Nashville, TN
How does it affect your art/point of view?

Nashville: All music everywhere, all the time. My fifth-grade PE teacher was named Tyrone, he had a lisp and an immaculate Afro, and his funk band played for George W. Bush.  Brooklyn: The summation of human experience, and designer sandwiches.

Describe your sound?
Holistic instrumentals based in classic-era hip-hop but reaching every which way like a paisley octopus made of love. Music for people who like music. Hip-hop is the center of the universe.
Current muses?

Madlib, The Caretaker/The Stranger, Steely Dan, Ween, Coin Locker Kid, La Monte Young, Maurice Ravel, Dmitri Shostakovich. I'm currently waiting for Conlon Nancarrow to return from the dead and dick-slap all these YouTube MIDI "artists".
Favorite place in New York and why?
Any number of benches on the piers overlooking the Hudson river, where I can watch the water and reflect. Chinatown is very romantic and still feels "old New York", especially underneath the Manhattan Bridge. Also the record store at (I'm not telling). Recently I sat in front of the arch at Grand Army Plaza and cried. NYC is magical.
New projects in works for 2014?

A classical-music double-concept album with Coin Locker Kid; other stuff.
Tell us about Success International?

A culmination of all the sounds I took in and styles I studied in 2012, put in a familiar package for the kids. Drones, noises, and '80s drums. Snow falling on machines. Ghost flutes. Old libraries. Go easy.

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